Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Who Am I

So In my own humble trials to discover my own self, here I am. As a starter, I would call myself "Kind"...but what's the exact definition of Kind?!!

I'm a little bit adventurous, risky sometimes, imaginative other times, definitely an extrovert but I have my own solitude-seeking moments. Sometimes crazy, sometimes a psychological analyst. Could be a little bit hard on myself so sometimes I set my own rules and dare myself to break them, other times I set the rules and dare myself not to break them.

I'm still single, unashamed of it. Definitely waiting for my Prince Charming who will show up right on time. Till then, we are both enjoying our lives. Told you I am a simple girl.

Love people, love their stories, love making new friends. Adore kids, enjoy spending time with them. Love to help and deeply interested in charity work ... that could be one definition of "Kind". Definitely a dreamer, I caught myself day dreaming - like all the time.

Oh and I'm into reading, all types of readings but mostly romantics and novels. Some educating books about my own hobbies every now and then. I also love making jewelry and cooking. Do I dare to deny my love for SHOPPING ... wouldn't even try! I'm a girl, we were created with it in our blood. Wouldn't call myself shopaholic though. I love to work, and love my work. I love contributing with my own share of energy for the good of the society.

So here I am, a simple Egyptian young lady with some Turkish roots, but what's the good of that! It's what I get to do; or don't, that counts. Isn't it ?!

So what's your definition of "Kind" ?!!

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