Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Who Am I

So In my own humble trials to discover my own self, here I am. As a starter, I would call myself "Kind"...but what's the exact definition of Kind?!!

I'm a little bit adventurous, risky sometimes, imaginative other times, definitely an extrovert but I have my own solitude-seeking moments. Sometimes crazy, sometimes a psychological analyst. Could be a little bit hard on myself so sometimes I set my own rules and dare myself to break them, other times I set the rules and dare myself not to break them.

I'm still single, unashamed of it. Definitely waiting for my Prince Charming who will show up right on time. Till then, we are both enjoying our lives. Told you I am a simple girl.

Love people, love their stories, love making new friends. Adore kids, enjoy spending time with them. Love to help and deeply interested in charity work ... that could be one definition of "Kind". Definitely a dreamer, I caught myself day dreaming - like all the time.

Oh and I'm into reading, all types of readings but mostly romantics and novels. Some educating books about my own hobbies every now and then. I also love making jewelry and cooking. Do I dare to deny my love for SHOPPING ... wouldn't even try! I'm a girl, we were created with it in our blood. Wouldn't call myself shopaholic though. I love to work, and love my work. I love contributing with my own share of energy for the good of the society.

So here I am, a simple Egyptian young lady with some Turkish roots, but what's the good of that! It's what I get to do; or don't, that counts. Isn't it ?!

So what's your definition of "Kind" ?!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Egyptian Parking

Last week during my quick vacation in Alexandria, I had the chance to witness how Egyptians master the art of NOT following parking rules. I was hanging out with family in the engineers Syndicate building by the beach, where the parking garage located between the building itself and the Sea is a total architectural disaster.

Back to the parking scene. first of all the whole parking garage had 2 parking assistant guys. Parking garage is designed to accommodate around 100 cars in 4 diagonal lines with 2 of them opposite to each other in the middle of the garage. Each line is ended by a metal blocker to stop people from parking after this mark and allow for U turns. Both driving ways were not marked with any arrows to indicate driving directions so people drive in bidirectional ways, but again this is so Alexandrian manner anyway. 

During the 2 hours I watched people parking there, I noticed that both guys were trying to help people park within the drawn diagonal lines on the floors. Drivers used to either park over one of the lines, allowing for wider areas around their opening doors, or park with wider angels almost parallel to the driving directions and consuming exactly 2 parking slots. When parking guys noticed that people don't park withing the lines, they politely asked people to adjust their angels or re-park, surprisingly the majority were cooperative and polite enough to re-adjust their cars. women drivers were the most ignorant yet daring ones, one of them parked after the metallic sign, not fearing the damages that could be caused to her car. after a while another guy parked after her. The irony comes from the fact that both parked at the very end of the garage away from entrance and both missed around 10 available parking slots in the shadow!!

On the other hand, the majority had different parking strategies. Some went through the whole parking area then parked in the nearest or the far most available slot available. Some tend to park in the first available slot, and some enjoyed parking in a non-parking area!

Despite all the wrong parking strategies I witnessed, I think that the 25th of Jan revolution has managed to somehow change our own attitudes towards doing the right thing. I don't think that peoples' attitude in accepting the parking guys' directions would have been the same before the 25th of Jan. May I live to witness a healthily mannered Egypt InshaAllah.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Living in Peace

First night of 2011 in Egypt was not a peaceful night. A group; regardless of their nationalities, religion and real intentions, decided that Egyptians won't have a  peaceful 2011 start. A national-made bomb exploded right infront of El Kedisein Church in Alexandria, destroying the enterance of both the church and the mosque right infront of it. Both religions suffered of the same exact casualties, and I mean both Religions. People died, others wounded,that's the expected of a bomb explosion. Yet the whole nation is deeply wounded, a deep UNITED wound.

Grandparents keep telling stories about old Egypt, where one house would have a muslim family, a christian family and a jewish family all raised up to ONE big family. No discriminations, no offences, No terror. One religious event would be shared by all. Old Egyptian flag was of a white crescent with three white stars on a green background. The three stars symbolised the three component territories of the Kingdom, namely Egypt, Nubia, and Sudan, whilst the green symbolised the predominant religion of the country, Islam. It has also been suggested that the three stars represented the three religious communities of the country: Muslims, christians and Jews. I keep wondering what If such union would have lasted till today, how far would have we reached!

I keep recalling an old relative telling me about 6th of October war, and how all nation members; both religions, united and fought for our freedom. I wonder would have we won this war if such union didn't happen? would have we accomplished any political, economical, or social progress if we were not united?

Back to 2011, and less than half a month later a muslim police representative have made another terrorist attack but this time he randomly shot passengers on a trian coming from upper Egypt. One dead, 4 casualties all from one family who were heading to Cairo to buy their daughter her wedding Shabka. Ironically all are christians, but a muslim eyewitness who tried to stop the killer and miraclously was not shot but managed to take the killer's jacket helped the investigation team to capture the killer.

Every couple of days we hear and read about christian(s) helping muslim(s) or vise versa. I strongly believe that egyptians will remain as brave, loyal, decent and loving as always. God protect my beloved home.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Comparisons and Content

I just can't stop wondering why do we keep comparing? Political wise, economic wise, social wise, personal wise!

Well, I'm not into politics that much so I'm not gonna get in there. Nor have I visited and lived in many different countries except UAE; but for God's sake why do we keep neglecting the possitive and cheerful sides for living in Egypt?!

What I'm really intrigued and mesmerized about is how people keep comparing to eachother?!
Parents comparing thier kids to other kids which turned out to be a trend these days. I saw a mum severly oppressing her own ~9 years old lovely kid for a her quiz full marks and comparing them to her friend's full marks as well!!...How sick was that?!

Mothers comparing their young ladies to other married ones! See how she got married and living so happily ever after! Every single lady nightmare, being SINGLE.

Couples comparing their spouses to other Ex's or even friends!..Who made the choice from the very beginning afterall?! I strongly believe that it takes two to tango, why don't you do some self-check and try figure out why your chosen spouse is not the same as before! Not neglecting the fact that some people turn out to be real jerks though!

Friends compare themselves with eachother, as if its a compition for who is being the best! What's more shocking is how vulgar we are becoming!. A friend of mine just told me that 2 of her long term friends decided to not be any longer her friend, for they feel jealous around her!

Seriously, What happened to just being content for what we already have? instead of comapring yourself to other prosperous countries, why don't you check those who live in a much worse economic status than you!
Instead of feeling jealous from others, check all the blessings that have been given to you, be content for and appreciate what you already have. Believe in your own special unique character, Thank the Lord for his blessings upon you, make sure you enjoy your own life and not waste comparing to others.

My regards,

Sunday, 26 December 2010

This is a nice Idea indeed :)

This might not be a bad idea afterall, sharing my thoughts and ideas...and wonders...and sometimes resentment as well.
I've Been reading my friends' blogs every now and then, never thought of sharing mine though. I think it's going to be a good source for documenting my wonders and check my friends' opinion as well.